6 common mistakes on the time report

Sometimes, mistakes happen when you fill out your time report. We have compiled a list of errors we often come across.

Here is how to avoid the most common mistakes

It's essential to fill out your time report correctly so that we can pay you the right amount. Here is a list of 6 common mistakes.

Not recording all on-call hours

On-call hours ("jour" in Swedish) count as work and should be documented on the time report. This includes sleeping on-call and on-call hours with low wage.

Not reporting childcare (VAB) and parental leave

When you're caring for a sick child (VAB) or on parental leave (föräldraledighet), you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Instead, apply for compensation from the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and indicate on the time report that you are on childcare or parental leave.

Recording too many or too few worked hours

Many people enter the wrong number of hours on the time report or register their work on the wrong week. It's crucial to record your hours on the correct day to ensure you receive the correct amount of money.

Entering hours instead of percentage

If you work part-time and have a certain percentage of employment, you should always enter your employment percentage (employment rate) each week.

Not recording extra hours or absences

If you have part-time employment in percentage, you should report it every week on the time report. However, you should also report days when you couldn't work, were sick, took childcare leave, or worked extra hours.

Not reporting parental allowance on weekends

Even if you only take parental allowance on weekends, you must still report it on the time reports.

Please inform us about significant changes

If you fail to inform us of significant changes, you may be required to repay money you've received. In the worst-case scenario, you could lose your unemployment benefits and face legal consequences. Therefore, it's crucial to accurately complete your time reports and notify us of any changes. If you're uncertain about what to do, please get in touch with us, and we'll assist you.


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